During the last 30+ years we acquired an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ industries and their specific needs. This expertise, combined with our personal care and our One-Key-Account-Manager principle, makes us the trusted logistics provider to a large number of companies throughout all industries in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

One size does not fit all

At Henning Harders Tradeline, we align ourselves with our clients’ specific operations and processes and manage their supply chain as one cost-efficient unit. Rather than adopting the inefficient one-size-fits-all approach of most logistics providers, we develop a tailored, flexible supply chain – specifically for each client, to fit their specific supply chain, their industry and their processes.

In return, this in-depth knowledge allows us to provide logistics and customs solutions which are a strategic asset for our clients’ businesses.

Hassle-free importing and exporting

Trust the logistics experts to deliver your goods safely and on time, so you can confidently focus on your business.

Beverage Logistics

Henning Harders TradeLine has been an integral partner for this industry for over 30 years.  We manage the import and export of all kinds of beverages: alcohol, juice, milk. We provide temperature controlled shipping and storage to preserve the quality of your products and we ensure their safe arrival – in time and in optimum condition.

We also organise the in-time supply of materials, such as coffee beans, hops, malt, bottles, labels, as well as the shipment of entire production facilities.

Our dedicated beverage logistics team and our in-house Customs Brokers are experts in the field of duty, import regulations and shipping tariffs for the beverage industry.


Logistics for Food and Perishables

Our customers put a lot of time, effort and money in the production of their goods. We provide the seamless, temperature-controlled logistics and warehousing solutions to ensure these goods reach their destination fresh, in time and unspoilt. Our F & P expertise covers import and export, Agriculture as well as Retail clients.


Chemical Logistics

We have the experience to safely transport, store and pack all kind of chemical, hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

With compliance and safety embedded in our processes, we provide the accreditations, facilities and end-to-end supply chain management for the chemical industry. While covering all necessary documentation and formalities, we also comply with material-specific safety standards at all times.


Logistics for Construction and Building Materials

Strategic production and sales planning, flexible warehousing and distribution are crucial components for the building industry, specifically building materials. We have the experience, capacity and technology systems to provide solutions, which meet the most specialised needs of the industry. If required, we can even implant experienced staff into clients’ logistics departments to effectively streamline their international ordering and shipping processes.

Logistics for Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

We have over 25 years’ experience in handling consumer healthcare products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies rely on our supply chain solutions and our reliable door-to-door delivery of time critical, life-saving drugs and materials.

Our global network integrates air, sea and land transport so we can quickly respond to any change in distribution needs or market channels. Our technology systems ensure complete control and visibility,  which means your cargo is monitored at all times. The integrity of your products is maintained throughout and, depending on your requirements, we can provide temperature controlled and closed cold-chain solutions to comply with safety standards and legal requirements.


Logistics for Marine Parts

Our experience in ship spares gives us unique insight and knowledge of the maritime industry. We manage the timely and efficient supply of spare parts for a wide range of shipping vessels, including: tankers, container ships, bulk carrier vessels and cruise liners. Ship owners, ship management companies, shipyards, offshore operating companies, tow and barge operators and manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts for vessels rely on our professional solutions.


Logistics for Mining, Gas and Oil

This industry requires large investments in infrastructure, machinery and special equipment – and any disruption to the production process can cause costly delays. For our clients in the mining industry, we organise the reliable door-to-door delivery of time critical parts, machinery and over-sized cargo to the most remote parts of the world.


Automotive Logistics

The automotive supply chain demands high quality and flexible logistics solutions. We have the experience to make sure that your components, vehicles and parts reach their destinations reliably and on time. We provide tailored automotive logistic solutions for our clients, including value added services such as warehousing, inventory and transport management.



 No matter how remote you are: if you are importing equipment, machinery and materials, or if you are exporting fresh produce  – we offer the cost efficient logistics to suit your needs. We have the processes in place to pick up your perishable goods and get them to their destination, unspoilt and in optimum condition.

Retail and FMCG Logistics

With over 30 years’ experience in retail logistics, we understand the specific challenges and demands of the consumer and retail industry. Changing seasonal and consumer demands, the pressure to reduce costs, increase margins, improve market competitiveness and respond effectively to short product life cycles demand robust logistic solutions.

Our end-to-end supply chain and transport solutions and technology systems provide our retail  clients with visibility and full control over their goods, so they can quickly respond to changes in customer demand.


Logistics for Parts, Equipment, Machinery and Manufacturing

Whether it’s shipping a whole paper pulp mill, a saw mill, a large power transformer, or the urgent delivery of spare parts to keep your production line going, we are well familiar with moving all kinds of urgent, unusual or oversized cargo for our clients.

We understand that timing and reliability are critical when it comes to parts and machinery. Our experience in this industry allows you to confidently focus on your business.

Henning Harders Tradeline Specialist Logistics 

Our services include order processing, procurement, inventory and project management, bidding and flexible shipping. Clients from all industries benefit from transparent services and pricing as well as lead-time guarantees.

Our Services for all Industries include:

  • Domestic and international transport services using inland waterway vessels, coasters and seagoing vessels or by rail and road (just in time)
  • Quality control and checks on quantities
  • Customs clearance for imports and exports
  • Maritime chartering services
  • Clearing seagoing vessels
  • Filling sacks, sieving, drying and storage in silos
  • Stripping and stuffing containers
  • Securing loads
  • Scheduling maritime/inland waterway/rail/truck transport services
  • Transport guarantees
  • IT links with customers
  • Individual IT solutions

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